Padiglione Italia at the Milan Expo 2015

Unicity realized video contents for some of the most exciting exhibit of Padiglione Italia at the Milan Expo 2015.

21 stories depicting 21 heroes of the italian "Know-How". Representatives of small businesses and large industries that tell in a spectacular video mapping their history of genius, creativity and innovation.

In the "Power of the limit" room the visitor will discover, through a system of holographic displays,, the stories of 21 testimonials from all over Italy and their perseverance in overcoming constraints and obstacles.

A video dedicated to the restoration of the Assisi Cathedral tells the moments of the terrible earthquake that destroyed the ceiling and the beautiful frescoes

Finally, a distress room filled with loud sounds will take you through the area devoted to man-made disasters. A video-edit of archive footage will show the visitor how man can easily ruin the environment around him.

Unicity oversaw the entire content production, from video shooting in all of the italian regions to the assembly and installation at the Padiglione Italia.

Padiglione Italia

Grand Tour di Padiglione Italia

Palazzo Italia web gallery on BWS website

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